Whether in a relationship or single, everyone should try these five things this Valentine's Day!

Whether you are happily single or happily paired this Valentine's Day, these five things will make February 14th and the days beyond special!


1. Send Someone Your Love

When is the last time you dropped a friend or loved one a note? We send so many texts and e-mails we sometimes forget how wonderful it is to receive a card in the mail.  Make someone's day and send them a note. Maybe they'll send you one back!


2. Be Creative

Have you ever tried painting? There are so many paint party locations popping up around the United States.  In some locations you can bring your favorite wine and even a dish while an artist leads you in creating your own masterpiece! Try it! Who knows? You may be the next Jacob Lawrence!  


3. Go Dancing

Nothing can be more energizing and exciting than moving in rhythm (hopefully) to your favorite jam. Dancing is freedom. Dancing is sexy. Dancing is love. - OK, we may be exaggerating a little but dancing is SO much fun! Don't you agree?


4. Be Extra Thoughtful

People often say that it is best to "treat others the way you want to be treated."  What a horrible idea! We are all unique. We show love differently, we receive love differently, and we want and need different things to be our best selves.  This Valentine's Day treat your loved ones the way they want to be treated!


5. Eat Some Soul Food

We've all had the experience of eating the first thing we see when we're hungry, regardless of how unfulfilling it may be.  It can happen when you're driving and fast food is the only option, or when you're too tired to cook so you grab your peanut butter and jelly or a bowl of cereal to settle your empty stomach. - Don't do that this Valentine's Day!  Make something that makes your soul smile or go to a restaurant that is tried and true.

If you do decide to cook, try foodgawker for inspiration! And you must try this Butternut Squash and Basil Bechamel Lasagna. It's mind-blowing!


What would you add to this list? 


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  • Alicia

    WOW, what an excellent post!! I fully agree with all that you’ve so eloquently shared, and really appreciate the clear and creative ideas you availed us, the readers. : )

    The only thing I can think of adding to this already wonderful and full-bodied article is the following:

    Write a letter to yourself, providing an overview of all the things you love, admire, appreciate, and respect about yourself. Shower your own self with love, in the form of a love letter, as if you were writing to someone else…exactly like yourself. For, it’s a letter from you, to you. : }

    In other words, create a bit of distance from you, the writer, and you, the subject and recipient of the letter. This way, the likelihood of gifting yourself with lavish words of reflection, adoration, and praise, is that much greater. Plus, the finished product will most probably be one of the most tremendous and heart-felt, best gifts you may have ever allowed yourself to bestow upon your Self—having truly seen your Self as you are…intrinsically! 0: }

    Lastly, date the letter, place it in an envelope, attach an actual stamp to it, and mail it (yup, that’s right :) to yourself! You’ll be glad you did. And, who knows; this letter may even wind-up being one of your all-time, most treasured keep-sakes. ; }

    ~Infinite Blessings…
    ~~Alicia : }

    PS Not only will I embrace and implement your suggestions, I’m looking forward to trying this seemingly scrumptious recipe, as well!!! (Ummm-umm, good! : )

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