Life Jewel: It's Okay to Say No! - Pain Is Not Your Purpose


Please don’t wear your overworked schedule as a badge of honor. Society would have us to believe that we must “seize” every opportunity that’s presented to us. To be honest, sometimes we need to say, No. And mean it!

We don’t have to attend every engagement we are invited to attend. It’s okay to stay in for the weekend and have some much needed me-time and recharge your batteries. You can’t continually give your energy to others and environments that don’t feed you in return.

Now please don’t mistake what I’m saying. I’m not saying that you have to “get” something from anyone or anything. I’m saying that you need to carefully select where and with whom you spend your time.

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This post was submitted by guest blogger, Pastaveia, a lover of positivity, writer, aspiring yogi, and minimalist. Learn more about her fearless lifestyle on Youtube.

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