The Audacity of “Dope” - The Story of My Crowning Jewel’s “Night Jewels”

I love myself a lot. Not in a conceited sort of way, but in a way that we all should love and appreciate ourselves. Because when it comes to our expectations of how we should be loved and treated, we set the standard. 


I’m also an eighties baby. And while clearly there are a few definitions for the word “dope”, to many like me it’s an adjective to describe something or someone as being "fly", "hot", beautiful, pretty, gorgeous, or just all around fabulous! 


All my life I have been surrounded by some off the “flyest” women of all time; the women in my family; the women of my alma mater - Spelman College; my friends; and the countless others I have met and continue to meet.  It always amazes me to see how much we juggle; how we still manage to smile and laugh heartily even when our world appears to be falling apart; and how we even manage to get stuff done all while being a mother, sister, daughter, lover, doctor, lawyer, friend, caretaker, teacher, entrepreneur, and future president. Women are amazing!


If you entertain horoscopes at all you know that in addition to a desire for justice and balance, Libras have a strong appreciation for beautiful things.  Well, I’m a Libra.  So you can imagine how unsettling it can be when you believe in presenting yourself in a way that honors who you are and how you feel about yourself, only to have to shut it all down when you plop an “anti-dope” bonnet on your head to protect your hair at night.  – That seemed a bit dramatic, didn’t it? LOL! But let me continue…


There have been many articles and blog posts that have covered how ugly scarves and hair bonnets can be detrimental to women’s relationships, and how they are definitely not for public viewing; but I haven’t seen any articles that state quite frankly that as a woman “I am just too fly for the bonnets and scarves we settle for these days. Even if I’m spending the evening alone, I need to look good for myself. And still not sacrifice my “do” of course!


The idea for my start-up, My Crowning Jewel came about because to protect my hair from breakage, and maintain hairstyles that sometimes take hours to do, I have to wrap my hair at night.   When I was conducting market research to determine what key problems our Night Jewel design should address, we found that most people were upset because their scarves and bonnets did not stay on while they were asleep.  The fact that most bonnets and scarves were unbecoming was secondary but still important; while a significant percentage had just given up, willingly settling for the anti-dope, anti-sexy nighttime head wrap disasters.  Well, I refuse to settle! Yes, I have the audacity to think that we can do better.  We can still look and feel beautiful in our nighttime head wraps.


Very soon you will have options for head wraps that stay on and are also attractive.  I’ve been wearing one of our Metallic Night Jewels for some time now.  I wear it because it stays on so my hair styles last longer; but it is also attractive allowing me to still reign in my “queendom”, never having to feel as if I’ve relinquished my throne!  If you believe like I do that as fabulous as we are, we should never feel less beautiful because of what we use to wrap our hair at night, you should sign up on our website to be informed about our soon to be announced launch, and enter our “Sleeping Beauty Sweepstakes” for a chance to win one of our fabulous Basic Black Jewels. You can enter here:  - Once you sign up please share our site with all your “dope” friends!  :)

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