Some Things Are Meant To Be

The other day my cousin sent me this picture. That's me on the right placing a hat on my younger cousin's head.  I sure look like I was 

on a mission! LOL!  I have no idea what the "conversation" was that day, or why I felt the need to arrange the hat on her head.


Here I am almost 30 years later arranging a Jewel on one of our models. LOL! Some things never change! :)


  • Tapiwa

    Wow! I had no idea that picture would end up on your blog. It really is telling…keep up the great work! FYI, I tend to keep my hair wrapped whenever I’m cooking, home or elsewhere. I’m sure these Jewels will go over well with my culinary classmates and colleagues. Btw, I got my Batik Libra today and am LOVING it!

  • nicole

    You were always meant to be a role model, entrepreneur, and superstar. It means you are living out God’s purpose for your life

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