My Crowning Moments: "I'm Grown", A Customer's Testimony


The following story is based on a customer's testimony about her experience wearing our Metallic Night Jewel. This story is a creative representation of her testimony. The picture below is of a model wearing the Dark Gold Metallic Night Jewel.



One would think that with my 10-year college reunion approaching, the fact that I am married with two children, and am well into my dream career, I would have long considered myself “grown”. But alas, it hadn’t firmly sunk in until now.  

This year I learned that nothing reminds you that you are in fact a grownup like hosting your family’s first Thanksgiving meal. Yes, this year I was in charge; the head Diva in the kitchen preparing a “real deal” Thanksgiving meal for my husband, our kids, and me. No more showing up at grandma’s house with a dish and my family in tow; it was my time to shine. And boy was my husband excited! To see his excitement made me smile.

Cooking is a process, and when cooking it never fails, you think you have all the ingredients and inevitably a run to the store is necessary.  At the moment when I realized I needed to run to the store I remembered that I had a head wrap on.  Actually I had had it on for the last 10 hours because I didn’t want my hair to get in the way while I was prepping my dishes, and I slept in it.  I have always worn a scarf at night to protect my hair from breakage, but it was never my style to wear a head wrap out in public and the head wrap I used to wear wasn’t presentable enough to do that anyway.

Not too long before Thanksgiving I purchased a head wrap from a new company called My Crowning Jewel.  They call their head wraps “Jewels” because they say they’re exquisite.  I mean they are nice, and the packaging was great, but it wasn’t until I needed to run out and still didn’t want to unwrap my hair that I understood why these “Jewels” are so exquisite. Before running to the store I tucked the cap of my Jewel in under the metallic sashes transforming my Jewel into a stylish turban, and nobody in the store could tell that it was my “night scarf.” All they could tell was that my Jewel was sparkling.  It worked perfectly and I looked great!  Six hours later when I had almost finished cooking dinner my husband said to me, “ Babe, that head wrap looks nice and all, but you’re going to take that off at some point, right?” He wasn’t used to seeing me with my head wrapped past breakfast so this was new to him. LOL! I had just gotten my hair done so I had already planned to take it off before we sat down for dinner, even if I'd be putting it back on in a few hours.

My Thanksgiving dinner was great! I made “the works” and it was bangin! It wasn’t long before my kids became sleepy, and I was a little tired myself. My husband and I picked up our children and ascended the stairs to put them to bed. We finally had time to ourselves! We shut off the lights in our kids' bedroom, retreated to our sanctuary, and closed the door.

Man! I forgot my Jewel in the living room!

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