We Did It! - Thanks To You!

Thank you so much for voting for us!  Because of you we won a spot to present our Jewels at Mass Innovation Nights

We had a wonderful time explaining why women should retire their satin bonnets and frumpy head scarves and upgrade to a Jewel!

Thanks to the Mass Innovation Nights team we have a video of our pitch!


Pictured below is our President, Veronica N. Chapman, and Chief Designer, Luisa Chapman, presenting My Crowning Jewel to the Mass Innovation Nights audience.


  • My Crowning Jewel

    Thank you so much Javaire!

  • Javaire Kemper

    I am so proud of you and your family for being the innovators and progressive thinkers that you are. I wish you and your family much success in all you endeavor.

  • My Crowning Jewel

    Thank you Gloria and Toni!

  • Gloria Durham

    Niceeee. Really like the presentation. Fashion and Function.

  • Toni Dixon

    So awesome Vee! You and your aunt make a great team. So proud of you. I wish My Crowning Jewel the greatest international success.

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