The Anatomy of Our Libra Head Wrap Jewels


Ever wonder what makes our Libra Jewels so exquisite and versatile? Our Chief Designer, Luisa Chapman, explains what inspired the design:


In creating My Crowning Jewel, we had a very simple goal: Make a head wrap that stays on at night. Our extensive research revealed this to be women’s number one concern. Our Libra’s innovative cap and strap construction solved the problem. As the part of the head wrap which covers the head, the cap, is seamed to the parts that tie around the head, the straps or sashes, this allows for the cap to be made of one fabric and the sashes to be made of another. Previously, women had been using a one piece scarf or “do rag” to wrap their hair, usually made of a satiny slippery fabric which came off at night, now the cap could be made of the satin fabric necessary to protect the hair, and the ties could be made of a stretchy fabric whose tension would keep the cap in place.

Some women prefer a real tight wrap while others do not. The Libra’s wrap and tuck feature meets both needs.  Since the sashes are 5” wide, doubled and made of stretch fabric, the cap can be tucked neatly—and securely—inside of the sashes.  Or, the cap can be left untucked.

All of our wraps are adjustable.  The Libra’s perfect fit is accomplished by the 2” space between where the sashes are attached. This allows the head wraps to fit a 20” head or a 24” head.
We also had a goal of bringing fashion to function.  Why not make head wraps that not only stay on, but are beautiful?  Why not create sleeping beauties? This was the fun part.  And this is where the seamed cap and sash construction proved even more beneficial.  In addition to our basic black Libra, we wanted something sexy, fun, fashionable, beautiful.  We finally settled on a metallic polyester/spandex that had the drapeability of lame, but held up to numerous washings.  Available in light gold, dark gold, gunmetal, copper and midnight blue, these wraps could easily accessorize any fashion statement.
As the Libra’s sashes are 90” long, they can be tied in a multitude of ways, giving this one head wrap many different looks from the classic turban to the Unicorn to the Rosie the Riveter. The Libras that are made of high quality polyester or silk spandex resist wrinkling. As a result they can be slept in then worn during the day and night. Think about how liberating that is for all the women who don’t have time for hair! We joke around here that our Libras should carry a warning:  You may never do your hair again!
At My Crowning Jewel we believe head wraps should have couture quality. Accordingly the Libra has an elegant shirring design at the center of the sash. To be certain of the quality we chose a U.S. factory which allowed us to oversee production hands on.  

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