Introducing the Satin Bonnet/Do-Rag Buyback Program! (10% Night Jewel Discount)

We truly believe women deserve better options for protecting their hair at night. So, in the spirit of gun buyback programs that reward citizens for turning in guns, mostly illegal, to get them off the street, we are endeavoring to get do-rags and satin bonnets out of the bedrooms of Queens, and most certainly off the streets!

For every woman who wants to upgrade her satin bonnet or do-rag to a Night Jewel, we will give you 10% off the price of a Night Jewel at any event where we are a vendor, when you turn in your do-rag or satin bonnet to a My Crowning Jewel representative.

Queens wishing to benefit from this program can check out our events calendar to see where you can turn in the contraband: MCJ EVENTS CALENDAR

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