Queendom Jewel: Five Simple Ways To Pamper Yourself


Five Simple Ways To Pamper Yourself


1. Try New Forms of Exercise
We all know that exercise is essential to living royally and healthily, but if we keep doing the same forms of exercise it can become cumbersome.  My daily routine once only included an hour on the elliptical; but after a few months that became very boring, so I tried some new activities - belly dancing and yoga.  Trying new exercises really helps because while some forms of exercise may be more effective in fulfilling the goals of your exercise plan, what’s important is that you do something versus nothing at all.  Right?
2. Spend Some Time Alone
Do you ever take the time to just be alone and check in with yourself?  If not, you certainly may want to try it!  Take yourself to lunch; go see a movie; or go for a walk. These are just a few things you can do to spend some quality time alone and just be.
3. Make a Date with People Who Make Your Soul Smile
My hope for everyone is that they find beautiful friends/partners who brighten their days, and add to their life experiences.  You don’t get to choose your family, but you can surely choose your friends!  If your friends are toxic, let them go and find some great ones!
4. Create a New Music Playlist
Music soothes the soul.  I can’t do anything without it.  LOL!
5. Take a Bath with Candles
This is something I started doing at a very young age.  Even as a pre-teen I knew the power of a candlelit bath.  I would connect my CD player to a speaker, play some jazz, run a bubble bath, light some candles, and relax for hours!  If you haven’t done it, do try it!


What would you add to the list?  What do you do to pamper yourself?

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