Mapping Our Growth While Striving For Excellence


As a new company that is always striving for excellence and growth, it is so important that we pause to celebrate our victories, both big and small. In honor of our growing number of Queendom Members, our CEO recently created a visual representation of our Queendom. The royal purple below represents all the states and countries where we have shipped Jewels. We really value our members and are truly committed to providing great customer service; designing exquisite, high-quality, head wrap Jewelsand to our social mission.

If you know some fabulous women in the states or countries where we don't currently have Queendom Members, or if you have some friends who you think should crown themselves Queens in our Jewels, send them our love and this discount code: QueendomConnect. As we continue to grow we will update our maps so stay tuned, and thank you for joining us on this journey!


My Crowning Jewel Queendom Map - USA



My Crowning Jewel Queendom Map - Global




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International Women's Day Sale! - Crown Yourself Queen!





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My Crowning Jewel Is Headed to Atlanta!

It has been over ten years since our CEO, Veronica N. Chapman, won her first business plan competition in her Management class at Spelman College.  She is very excited to return to Atlanta this spring to spread the word about My Crowning Jewel, and to welcome the fabulous women of "ATL" into our Queendom!  

Come visit us at the World Natural Hair Health & Beauty Show!  We can't wait to meet you!


Check out some of our Jewels below!


Royal Glamour Band  Satin or Silk Nighttime Head wraps  Metallic Nighttime Head wrap Silk or Satin  Michelle Hooded Jewel Scarf  Nighttime Head wrap For Little Girls  Nighttime Headnwraps are Versatile

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Enter Our "Jewel" Tying Contest!

Are you part of the My Crowning Jewel Queendom? Do you have a fabulous way that you tie your Night or Day Jewel? Then we want to see it! Click here to enter our "Jewel" Tying Contest!

Contest ends on January 5th at 8:00pm EST. The winner will be announced on January 9th!



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Our Gratitude Jar

My how time flies! It was just last November that we shipped our first Jewel! 

Over the last year we have welcomed many women into our Queendom, listened to their positive feedback and to their recommendations and suggestions.  We won business pitch competitions; hosted special events for our Queendom Members; challenged women to take the time to love and pamper themselves (We deserve it.); and we even got a chance to get a jump start on our social mission! - What a year! 

Launching a business is no joke!  There are ups and downs, and plenty of challenges to go around. - I am even thankful for those!

We have so much more to do, but today we're focusing on our GRATITUDE for all that we have accomplished up until this point, and for YOU!  Check out our Gratitude Jar below.  Do you have one?


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In Celebration of Our Independence...


We're offering 25% off our head wrap Jewels until July 7th! Use discount code "Liberty" at checkout!

Please share the Discount Jewel below with anyone who wants to declare their independence from the satin bonnet and other unglamorous nighttime (or daytime) headwear!

Have an awesome 4th of July!

~ Team MCJ

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Help us spread the word about our head wrap Jewels!

Are you on social media?  Do you want to help us crown women Queens in our Crowning Jewels and employ teens this summer? 
Are you having trouble figuring out what to say? Let us help you!

If you're on Twitter or Facebook follow this link for some messages you can share with your friends and followers! 

Just cut and paste! 

Thank you so much for your support!


Team My Crowning Jewel

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The Anatomy of Our Libra Head Wrap Jewels


Ever wonder what makes our Libra Jewels so exquisite and versatile? Our Chief Designer, Luisa Chapman, explains what inspired the design:


In creating My Crowning Jewel, we had a very simple goal: Make a head wrap that stays on at night. Our extensive research revealed this to be women’s number one concern. Our Libra’s innovative cap and strap construction solved the problem. As the part of the head wrap which covers the head, the cap, is seamed to the parts that tie around the head, the straps or sashes, this allows for the cap to be made of one fabric and the sashes to be made of another. Previously, women had been using a one piece scarf or “do rag” to wrap their hair, usually made of a satiny slippery fabric which came off at night, now the cap could be made of the satin fabric necessary to protect the hair, and the ties could be made of a stretchy fabric whose tension would keep the cap in place.

Some women prefer a real tight wrap while others do not. The Libra’s wrap and tuck feature meets both needs.  Since the sashes are 5” wide, doubled and made of stretch fabric, the cap can be tucked neatly—and securely—inside of the sashes.  Or, the cap can be left untucked.

All of our wraps are adjustable.  The Libra’s perfect fit is accomplished by the 2” space between where the sashes are attached. This allows the head wraps to fit a 20” head or a 24” head.
We also had a goal of bringing fashion to function.  Why not make head wraps that not only stay on, but are beautiful?  Why not create sleeping beauties? This was the fun part.  And this is where the seamed cap and sash construction proved even more beneficial.  In addition to our basic black Libra, we wanted something sexy, fun, fashionable, beautiful.  We finally settled on a metallic polyester/spandex that had the drapeability of lame, but held up to numerous washings.  Available in light gold, dark gold, gunmetal, copper and midnight blue, these wraps could easily accessorize any fashion statement.
As the Libra’s sashes are 90” long, they can be tied in a multitude of ways, giving this one head wrap many different looks from the classic turban to the Unicorn to the Rosie the Riveter. The Libras that are made of high quality polyester or silk spandex resist wrinkling. As a result they can be slept in then worn during the day and night. Think about how liberating that is for all the women who don’t have time for hair! We joke around here that our Libras should carry a warning:  You may never do your hair again!
At My Crowning Jewel we believe head wraps should have couture quality. Accordingly the Libra has an elegant shirring design at the center of the sash. To be certain of the quality we chose a U.S. factory which allowed us to oversee production hands on.  

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About Batiks...

We have two Jewels made from Batik fabrics, the Rose Royce Jewel, and the Batik Libra.  I was not familiar with these beautiful fabrics until our Chief Designer, Luisa W. Chapman, brought them to my attention; I am so happy that we were able to make Jewels from these fabric creations! 

According to The Batik Guild in the United Kingdom, "Batik is both an art and a craft, which is becoming more popular and well known in the West as a wonderfully creative medium. The art of decorating cloth in this way, using wax and dye, has been practised for centuries. In Java, Indonesia, batik is part of an ancient tradition, and some of the finest batik cloth in the world is still made there. The word batik originates from the Javanese tikand means to dot.

To make a batik, selected areas of the cloth are blocked out by brushing or drawing hot wax over them, and the cloth is then dyed. The parts covered in wax resist the dye and remain the original colour. This process of waxing and dyeing can be repeated to create more elaborate and colourful designs. After the final dyeing the wax is removed and the cloth is ready for wearing or showing."

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