Veronica N. Chapman, CEO of My Crowning Jewel, just released her new children's book, "I Know I Can!

A Spelman College alumna, Veronica is no stranger to art nor activism as her résumé will attest. In 2008 she founded Boxxout, a grassroots organization that "provides teens in low-income communities with engaging, innovative, and practical workshops and events where they can employ the 21st Century skills required for success." Additionally, she is the author of The Advent of Planet Martyr (a book) and Ancestors Inc. (a play), whose themes reflect her commitment to community and the youth. 

To no surprise, Veronica's latest work, I Know I Can!, is an artistic response to the young girls in her workshops. "The reality is . . . many of our young girls are exposed to a lot of nonsense." She continues, "I've seen firsthand in the self-esteem workshop how this nonsense is taking a toll on how they feel about themselves and what they can accomplish in the world. . . . I believe that if we reach our girls at an early age, they will be able to rise above the noise and know they can accomplish anything they put their minds to."

If there is a little "Faith" in your life, and you too believe in her limitless possibility, be sure to add this inspiring book to her collection! And little Faith even wears a Princess Jewel in the book! 

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