Mapping Our Growth While Striving For Excellence


As a new company that is always striving for excellence and growth, it is so important that we pause to celebrate our victories, both big and small. In honor of our growing number of Queendom Members, our CEO recently created a visual representation of our Queendom. The royal purple below represents all the states and countries where we have shipped Jewels. We really value our members and are truly committed to providing great customer service; designing exquisite, high-quality, head wrap Jewelsand to our social mission.

If you know some fabulous women in the states or countries where we don't currently have Queendom Members, or if you have some friends who you think should crown themselves Queens in our Jewels, send them our love and this discount code: QueendomConnect. As we continue to grow we will update our maps so stay tuned, and thank you for joining us on this journey!


My Crowning Jewel Queendom Map - USA



My Crowning Jewel Queendom Map - Global




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International Women's Day Sale! - Crown Yourself Queen!





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International Women's Day Spotlight: Madam C.J. Walker

This Saturday the world will celebrate International Women's Day. To join in on the celebration we are highlighting women who spent their lives sharing their talents and gifts with the world. Our third spotlight is on the awesome inventor, entrepreneur, and pioneer, Madam C.J. Walker. Learn more about Madam Walker below!





There is no royal flower-strewn path to success. And if there is, I have not found it for if I have accomplished anything in life it is because I have been willing to work hard. ~ Madam C.J. Walker



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My Crowning Jewel Is Headed to Atlanta!

It has been over ten years since our CEO, Veronica N. Chapman, won her first business plan competition in her Management class at Spelman College.  She is very excited to return to Atlanta this spring to spread the word about My Crowning Jewel, and to welcome the fabulous women of "ATL" into our Queendom!  

Come visit us at the World Natural Hair Health & Beauty Show!  We can't wait to meet you!


Check out some of our Jewels below!


Royal Glamour Band  Satin or Silk Nighttime Head wraps  Metallic Nighttime Head wrap Silk or Satin  Michelle Hooded Jewel Scarf  Nighttime Head wrap For Little Girls  Nighttime Headnwraps are Versatile

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Silk vs. Satin - Both Protect Hair From Breakage So What's The Difference?

Our “Night Jewel” head wraps are made of the finest quality silk and satin-woven polyester. But what is silk? What is polyester?  What is satin?


Polyester is a man-made (synthetic) fiber or thread.  Picture threads of polyester like your fingers.  When woven, these threads produce bolts of fabric.  Imagine weaving like a lattice top pie crust or your fingers interlaced.


There are three ways in which fiber is woven into fabric: plain weave, twill weave and satin weave.  These ways of weaving are distinguished by the direction in which the weaving takes place:  horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Of the three types of weaving, satin is the most expensive to manufacture because it is the most involved. 


Satin-woven polyester produces a fabric with beautiful drapability, enabling our head wraps to be shaped to the contours of the head.  It is also wrinkle-resistant, allowing our Queendom Members to go from the bedroom to the boulevard! No one would ever guess it was slept in since the shiny side of the fabric is against the hair, enabling the hair to glide smoothly all night long, keeping hair moisturized, and both protecting the hair from breakage, and the hairstyle.  The dull or matte side that is on the opposite side looks like a regular scarf. Except it isn’t “regular” at all, it’s a Crowning Jewel!


Satin woven polyester is long-wearing and easy to care for.  And, because satin is a weave, and not a fabric, other fibers can also have a satin weave. For example, when cotton fibers are woven with a satin weave the result is what is called sateen.


Whereas polyester is man-made, silk is a natural protein fiber that is produced by the larvae of the silk worm. The filament is reeled off and boiled to remove the stiff natural glue, and woven into fabrics noted for their soft luster, luxurious feel and strength.  Because it is in short supply and labor intensive to produce, silk is expensive. Silk can have a plain weave, such as china silk or it can have a satin weave.  Some of our Night Jewels are made with a silk satin. Unlike polyester, silk will wrinkle and should be hand laundered to be safe, while polyester can be machine washed and does not wrinkle as much. Many prefer silk because of its exquisitely soft feel. Think of silk as the “Rolls Royce” of head wrap fabrics and polyester as the “Mercedes Benz.” Which “car” do you prefer?



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Enter Our "Jewel" Tying Contest!

Are you part of the My Crowning Jewel Queendom? Do you have a fabulous way that you tie your Night or Day Jewel? Then we want to see it! Click here to enter our "Jewel" Tying Contest!

Contest ends on January 5th at 8:00pm EST. The winner will be announced on January 9th!



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Our Gratitude Jar

My how time flies! It was just last November that we shipped our first Jewel! 

Over the last year we have welcomed many women into our Queendom, listened to their positive feedback and to their recommendations and suggestions.  We won business pitch competitions; hosted special events for our Queendom Members; challenged women to take the time to love and pamper themselves (We deserve it.); and we even got a chance to get a jump start on our social mission! - What a year! 

Launching a business is no joke!  There are ups and downs, and plenty of challenges to go around. - I am even thankful for those!

We have so much more to do, but today we're focusing on our GRATITUDE for all that we have accomplished up until this point, and for YOU!  Check out our Gratitude Jar below.  Do you have one?


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Queendom Reflections: Five Must-Haves When Going Natural

Five Must-Haves When Going Natural


I decided to go natural for a number of reasons. The first reason is because I am more than half way through my twenties and I realize I have permed, fried, glued, and weaved up my hair, and never have I once considered embracing it as it is. Yes, there is nothing easy about having natural hair, however, for the first time I am learning new things about myself, and about the awesome people around me who are also embracing this natural hair journey. Yes, you heard me correctly. It’s a journey!

Through this experience I have really learned the significance of self-love. I have spent the last 28 years obsessing over my hair in every way imaginable. Those who are closest to me know that under any and every circumstance, rain, storm, work, or tornado, I will make my way to a  hair salon. I have always believed that that if someone’s hair looks a mess, then they must be a mess, so you can understand my concern!

Hair was one of the ways I masked the things I did not want people to know or ever pick up about me. Learning to embrace all of me is my goal and I know I need to remember that my hair is beautiful. Every strand, curl, or nap, it’s all me, and it’s beautiful! For those willing to take the leap, take it from me, you CAN learn to do your hair as an adult. I learn something new everyday!

Here are my five must-haves for those considering going natural:

  • A great support system: My sistah friends are the best. I am blessed to be surrounded by cross-generational wisdom and love. They listen to me vent when I get discouraged, and remind me of my true beauty.

  • The natural hair blogs: They are helpful and overwhelming at the same time. Find a salon that you trust and keep it simple. No blog post can prepare you for the emotions you may feel. For me some days are good and other days I want to cry. I almost feel as though I am going through a break-up, yet an extraordinary break-up that leads to self-discovery.

  • Self-esteem: You hair is your hair!!! Love your hair the same way you love other people’s hair.

  • My Jewels: My Crowning Jewels help reinforce my self-esteem. On those days when my inner beauty has a hard time being reflected on the outside, my Glamour Band reminds me that I am a queen. I also have a Night Jewel.  I am too fly, fabulous, and sassy to not be feeling like a queen 24-7!

  • Emotional Health: During this process I am becoming even more in tune with my emotional health, and I am even more comfortable receiving compliments on my new style!


~ Queendom Member, Stephanie Campbell

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Healthy Hair Recipe #1: Sweet Potato & Green Bean Salad

The other day I posted the Top 10 Foods for Healthy Hair. Three of the ten foods on the list are sweet potatoes, walnuts, and spinach (including other leafy vegetables). I recently found a great recipe that includes these ingredients via one of my favorite websites, foodgawker: Sweet Potato & Green Bean Salad with Maple-Mustard Dressing 


It looks yummy!


Here are the ingredients according to author, blogger, and foodie, Emily Stoffel:



  • 4 sweet potatoes, unpeeled and thinly sliced
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 2 T olive oil
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • 1 tsp thyme
  • 8 oz haricot verts
  • large handful dried cranberries
  • large handful toasted walnuts
  • 5 oz (about one bag) baby lettuces or spring mix
  • Maple Mustard Vinaigrette (recipe below)

Now you can not only keep your hair healthy in our Night Jewels, but you can also start promoting healthy hair from the inside out! Perhaps you can add kale to your spring mix to really get the healthy hair benefits you want?  


Get the full recipe here...

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In Celebration of Our Independence...


We're offering 25% off our head wrap Jewels until July 7th! Use discount code "Liberty" at checkout!

Please share the Discount Jewel below with anyone who wants to declare their independence from the satin bonnet and other unglamorous nighttime (or daytime) headwear!

Have an awesome 4th of July!

~ Team MCJ

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My Crowning Jewel CEO, Veronica N. Chapman, Wins Pitch Competition!

On Tuesday, June 11, 2013, Veronica N. Chapman, Co-founder and CEO of My Crowning Jewel, participated in the Merrimack Valley Sandbox's "Winners Showdown Pitch Contest." After winning $1,000 as the 1st place winner in The Sandbox's Creative Economy Pitch on March 28th, Veronica was invited back on June 11th to square off against three other winners from pitch contests held by the Merrimack Valley Sandbox. - Veronica won 1st place again, claiming the $5,000 grand prize! 

As a result of our winning this awesome reward, keep an eye out for new products, and updates about how we are working to fulfill our social missionWe are truly grateful to the Merrimack Valley Sandbox for all the opportunities they provide entrepreneurs.

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20% Off Friends & Family Sale in Honor of Mothers


In celebration of Mother's Day we're offering 20% off our Jewels! Enter the discount code "MCJF&F" at checkout by Sunday, May, 12th, and you'll get 20% off all the Jewels in our Queendom!  All USA orders placed by Wednesday, May 15th, should arrive right in time to crown your mom Queen in our Jewels!

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My Crowning Jewel Wins Pitch Contest!

Our president, Veronica N. Chapman, won first place in the Merrimack Valley Business Pitch Competition! The pitch focused on how and why we bring fashion to function with our head wrap Jewels, and on our social mission!

If you have an idea for a business that would benefit a community in Massachusetts, or if you are starting a tech company, then please apply for their upcoming pitch competitions:

Also, check out Veronica's interview with Kevin Willet of Friends of Kevin where she talks about her experience at the Merrimack Valley Sandbox Pitch Contest!

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Healthy Hair Divas Unite! - (Boston Event Alert)

Join us as the extraordinary stylist Erinn D. Pearson and the Simply Erinn's Unisex Salon team dish on all the secrets and best practices that lead to healthy hair!

Also hear from Veronica N. Chapman, President of My Crowning Jewel, about how queens can now protect their hair in style in our Night Jewels! - And be sure to take advantage of our Satin Bonnet/Do-Rag Buyback Program!


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Help us spread the word about our head wrap Jewels!

Are you on social media?  Do you want to help us crown women Queens in our Crowning Jewels and employ teens this summer? 
Are you having trouble figuring out what to say? Let us help you!

If you're on Twitter or Facebook follow this link for some messages you can share with your friends and followers! 

Just cut and paste! 

Thank you so much for your support!


Team My Crowning Jewel

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Back up Sleeping Beauty! You’ve got competition!

Back up Sleeping Beauty! You’ve got competition!

For women who wrap their hair at night, who still want to feel beautiful and sexy, our Night Jewels are for you! Have you already joined our Queendom?  What do you wear with your Night Jewel?

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Michelle, Ma Belle - Anatomy of The Michelle Jewel

Anatomy of the Michelle Jewel


Named in honor of our first lady, the Michelle is a sophisticated scarf that can be worn in numerous ways. Fully lined, it has a very simple, but classic look.  And like the Libra, it can be worn in numerous ways from the bun at the nape of the neck to the saucy bow at the side of the face.

Here's what we've heard from Queendom members who have purchased a Michelle Jewel, "I love the way the Michelle is contoured to the shape of my head. It makes it easy to wrap so I don't have to fidget with it."

Check out some of the ways you can tie it here.

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Introducing the Satin Bonnet/Do-Rag Buyback Program! (10% Night Jewel Discount)

We truly believe women deserve better options for protecting their hair at night. So, in the spirit of gun buyback programs that reward citizens for turning in guns, mostly illegal, to get them off the street, we are endeavoring to get do-rags and satin bonnets out of the bedrooms of Queens, and most certainly off the streets!

For every woman who wants to upgrade her satin bonnet or do-rag to a Night Jewel, we will give you 10% off the price of a Night Jewel at any event where we are a vendor, when you turn in your do-rag or satin bonnet to a My Crowning Jewel representative.

Queens wishing to benefit from this program can check out our events calendar to see where you can turn in the contraband: MCJ EVENTS CALENDAR

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The Anatomy of Our Libra Head Wrap Jewels


Ever wonder what makes our Libra Jewels so exquisite and versatile? Our Chief Designer, Luisa Chapman, explains what inspired the design:


In creating My Crowning Jewel, we had a very simple goal: Make a head wrap that stays on at night. Our extensive research revealed this to be women’s number one concern. Our Libra’s innovative cap and strap construction solved the problem. As the part of the head wrap which covers the head, the cap, is seamed to the parts that tie around the head, the straps or sashes, this allows for the cap to be made of one fabric and the sashes to be made of another. Previously, women had been using a one piece scarf or “do rag” to wrap their hair, usually made of a satiny slippery fabric which came off at night, now the cap could be made of the satin fabric necessary to protect the hair, and the ties could be made of a stretchy fabric whose tension would keep the cap in place.

Some women prefer a real tight wrap while others do not. The Libra’s wrap and tuck feature meets both needs.  Since the sashes are 5” wide, doubled and made of stretch fabric, the cap can be tucked neatly—and securely—inside of the sashes.  Or, the cap can be left untucked.

All of our wraps are adjustable.  The Libra’s perfect fit is accomplished by the 2” space between where the sashes are attached. This allows the head wraps to fit a 20” head or a 24” head.
We also had a goal of bringing fashion to function.  Why not make head wraps that not only stay on, but are beautiful?  Why not create sleeping beauties? This was the fun part.  And this is where the seamed cap and sash construction proved even more beneficial.  In addition to our basic black Libra, we wanted something sexy, fun, fashionable, beautiful.  We finally settled on a metallic polyester/spandex that had the drapeability of lame, but held up to numerous washings.  Available in light gold, dark gold, gunmetal, copper and midnight blue, these wraps could easily accessorize any fashion statement.
As the Libra’s sashes are 90” long, they can be tied in a multitude of ways, giving this one head wrap many different looks from the classic turban to the Unicorn to the Rosie the Riveter. The Libras that are made of high quality polyester or silk spandex resist wrinkling. As a result they can be slept in then worn during the day and night. Think about how liberating that is for all the women who don’t have time for hair! We joke around here that our Libras should carry a warning:  You may never do your hair again!
At My Crowning Jewel we believe head wraps should have couture quality. Accordingly the Libra has an elegant shirring design at the center of the sash. To be certain of the quality we chose a U.S. factory which allowed us to oversee production hands on.  

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Night Jewel Tutorial for Sleeping Beauties

Sorry Satin Bonnet, We're Just Not That Into You...

We started My Crowning Jewel because we were tired of the unattractive and ineffective options we had for wrapping our hair at night.  We felt we deserved options that actually stay on while we sleep and allow us to maintain our style and our beauty! - So we created head wrap Jewels! 

We soon realized many women feel the same way we do! - Whether we wrap our head to protect our hair from breakage, to adorn our crowns following hair loss, or just to mask a bad hair day, we still can look fabulous!

Here's a quick tutorial covering a few ways that you can tie your Night Jewel:

Don't have your Jewel yet? Join our Queendom!

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