Join Us In Our Mission To Inspire Little Girls To Dream Big!

My Crowning Jewel was born out of our CEO, Veronica N. Chapman's, quest for something better. Protecting our hair at night is a legacy that most black women share, but Veronica felt that the nighttime head wrap options that were in the marketplace just weren't good enough. The belief that she and her aunt Luisa could design a nighttime head wrap that is both functional and beautiful is the foundation for My Crowning Jewel. They both had the courage to act on a vision.

Like our founders, we want to help ensure that little girls are equipped with the courage and confidence to dream big and take action! Because of this commitment we are supporting our CEO's goal of inspiring little girls to be courageous in pursuit of their dreams. Click the picture below to learn more about her campaign!

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Be Our Valentine! - Free Shipping Until February 14th!

We love you and we're not afraid to show it! 

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Styles We Want To Protect In Our Night Jewels: Kinky Curly Beauty Edition

We have so much fun on Instagram! We've made quite a few friends on the platform, and we love that we get to interact with our fabulous Queendom Members to see how they rock their Jewels!

Instagram is a world of inspiration. On there you can find some of the most awesome hairstyles, done by professional hairstylists and everyday divas who are just naturally gifted. Leslie of Kinky Curly Beauty is a stylist who always posts amazing pictures of her artistry. Here are five hairstyles by Kinky Curly Beauty that we'd love to protect in our Night Jewels!


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