I believe in doing things in moderation because it appears that too much of anything can be bad for you…except for maybe too much discipline? LOL! But when it comes to exercise and me lately, "Discipline" is nowhere to be found! 

There was a time when I went to the gym five days a week.  I have surely fallen off.  After spending nine months working out on the elliptical machine I became bored and just quit altogether.  I’ve been trying to find my way back to the gym to no avail.  In lieu of the gym I have tried everything; belly dancing, yoga, and lifting weights. Now I just need to find my rhythm and incorporate all of it into my regimen.  I know it’s important that I get back on track. I need this vessel to be in shape so it can carry me wherever my soul leads me. 

Now as for my diet, I haven’t eaten beef or pork since I was an adolescent but in April I decided I had had enough of chicken and turkey so I stopped eating that too.  I do eat fish from time to time so some may label me a pescetarian, but thanks to some awesome food blogs I have found my joy in mostly veggies and beans. 

Here are some recipes I have tried that have totally rocked my herbivorous world! LOL!  Let me know it you try any of them! 

Roasted Sesame Green Beans 

Red Roasted Carrots

Baked Zucchini Fries 

Vegetarian Black Bean Chili – Made this without the fake meat crumbles and omitted the vegetable bouillon cube as well. It was great!

This website is just spectacular! - Foodgawker

Do you know of any great recipes, or great ways to stay fit and motivated? If so, please share them with us!

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