I know many of our Queendom Members are also part of Beyoncé's Beyhive, but even they didn't make enough noise about her song, Ring Off!


Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Although it has been a few months since Beyoncé's Ring Off debut, I can't get over how awesome it is that she released such a powerful tribute to her mom, praising her for her courage to remove herself from an unhappy and unfulfilling marriage. I just wish the song were appreciated more so it could receive the heavy rotation it deserves! 

Every time I hear Ring Off I think of some of the conversations I've had about matrimony with my elderly female friends and family members. Some lamented the fact that they remained in unhappy marriages with husbands who were disrespectful, sometimes bringing disgrace to their families. They came from the age when people stayed married regardless of the state of their union. 

You can imagine my surprise when one day I met a woman of their same generation, who during her second marriage decided that when she retired from working she wanted to retire single!  At the time I wasn’t quite sure why I was so impressed by the fact that she was in her eighties and twice divorced. I mean I LOVE the idea of happily ever after, but I also remembered some of the bitterness and regret my elderly friends felt about remaining in their marriages;  I couldn't help but think, “good for her!”  

There are many reasons why women may stay in an unhealthy or unhappy marriage or relationship. However, for those of you who have done all you can, and have come to the conclusion that you want or deserve better, you now have this beautiful tribute for encouragement when times get tough!



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