We Did It! - Thanks To You!

Thank you so much for voting for us!  Because of you we won a spot to present our Jewels at Mass Innovation Nights

We had a wonderful time explaining why women should retire their satin bonnets and frumpy head scarves and upgrade to a Jewel!

Thanks to the Mass Innovation Nights team we have a video of our pitch!


Pictured below is our President, Veronica N. Chapman, and Chief Designer, Luisa Chapman, presenting My Crowning Jewel to the Mass Innovation Nights audience.

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My Crowning Jewel @Mass Innovation Nights!

On January 9, 2013, My Crowning Jewel will be one of ten businesses featured at an event for new products and companies based in Massachusetts!

This is a great opportunity for us, as Mass Innovation Nights provides an awesome platform for new businesses to gain exposure and promote their brand.

Four out of the ten businesses featured will get five minutes to give a presentation that evening.  We would like to be in the top four.  If you vote for us, we will be!

Please take a second to vote here: http://twtpoll.com/rvixur - It's very easy and you really only have to select one company, My Crowning Jewel! :)  No sign-up necessary!  

If you are in the Boston area, come to the event! We will have Jewels for sale, and it's an opportunity to see our exquisite designs up close!  We look forward to meeting you!
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My Crowning Haiku

Haiku Poems...You remember them right? They are usually the first poems students are taught to write because they are simplistic yet powerful.  

In case you have forgotten your Haiku lessons, here's a quick refresher from Creative Writing Now:

 "Haiku is a Japanese poetry form. A haiku uses just a few words to capture a moment and create a picture in the reader's mind. It is like a tiny window into a scene much larger than itself. Traditionally, haiku is written in three lines, with five syllables in the first line, seven syllables in the second line, and five syllables in the third line."

For some reason this poetic form came to mind the other day so I decided to write one in honor of our Night Jewels. LOL! Here goes...


My Crowning Jewel
Regal head wrap Night Jewels
Crown sleeping beauties

Will you join us in a haiku challenge?  Post your haiku below!

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And the Nominees Are...Your Grammys Playlist

Yesterday the Grammy Award nominations were announced and Twitter erupted with well wishes for the favorite musicians of the Twitterverse.  So many articles were published about the most celebrated nominees that it was a little difficult to find the full list of nominations. But I found it!

I couldn’t imagine a world without music; and there isn’t a day when music isn’t heard throughout my queendom; so I’m always excited to see which of my favorite artists make the list, and/or which songs on the list are on my playlists.

I love most genres of music so I was surprised to see that only a few of the artists I like were nominated...Two of them were nominated multiple times!

Nominated Songs/Artists On My Playlists: 

Record Of The Year

Thinkin Bout You - Frank Ocean

Song Of The Year

Adorn - Miguel Pimentel, songwriter (Miguel)

Best New Artist

Frank Ocean

Best R&B Performance

Adorn – Miguel

Best Traditional R&B Performance

Real Good Hands - Gregory Porter - I LOVE Gregory Porter! YES! 

Best R&B Song

Adorn - Miguel Pimentel, songwriter (Miguel)

Best Urban Contemporary Album

Channel Orange - Frank Ocean

Best Gospel Song

Hold On - Cheryl Fortune, James Fortune & Terence Vaughn, songwriters (James Fortune & Fiya, Monica & Fred Hammond)

Best Rap Song

That’s for me to know. ;) LOL!

Lizz Wright is sorely missed from this list.  She is one of the most extraordinary vocalists around, and I always enjoy her wonderful and soul-soothing concerts. If you don’t know her, get to know her! 


Which of the nominees would I hear in your Queendom, and who would you add to the list of nominees?

Real Good Hands, Gregory Porter

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My Crowning Moments: "I'm Grown", A Customer's Testimony


The following story is based on a customer's testimony about her experience wearing our Metallic Night Jewel. This story is a creative representation of her testimony. The picture below is of a model wearing the Dark Gold Metallic Night Jewel.



One would think that with my 10-year college reunion approaching, the fact that I am married with two children, and am well into my dream career, I would have long considered myself “grown”. But alas, it hadn’t firmly sunk in until now.  

This year I learned that nothing reminds you that you are in fact a grownup like hosting your family’s first Thanksgiving meal. Yes, this year I was in charge; the head Diva in the kitchen preparing a “real deal” Thanksgiving meal for my husband, our kids, and me. No more showing up at grandma’s house with a dish and my family in tow; it was my time to shine. And boy was my husband excited! To see his excitement made me smile.

Cooking is a process, and when cooking it never fails, you think you have all the ingredients and inevitably a run to the store is necessary.  At the moment when I realized I needed to run to the store I remembered that I had a head wrap on.  Actually I had had it on for the last 10 hours because I didn’t want my hair to get in the way while I was prepping my dishes, and I slept in it.  I have always worn a scarf at night to protect my hair from breakage, but it was never my style to wear a head wrap out in public and the head wrap I used to wear wasn’t presentable enough to do that anyway.

Not too long before Thanksgiving I purchased a head wrap from a new company called My Crowning Jewel.  They call their head wraps “Jewels” because they say they’re exquisite.  I mean they are nice, and the packaging was great, but it wasn’t until I needed to run out and still didn’t want to unwrap my hair that I understood why these “Jewels” are so exquisite. Before running to the store I tucked the cap of my Jewel in under the metallic sashes transforming my Jewel into a stylish turban, and nobody in the store could tell that it was my “night scarf.” All they could tell was that my Jewel was sparkling.  It worked perfectly and I looked great!  Six hours later when I had almost finished cooking dinner my husband said to me, “ Babe, that head wrap looks nice and all, but you’re going to take that off at some point, right?” He wasn’t used to seeing me with my head wrapped past breakfast so this was new to him. LOL! I had just gotten my hair done so I had already planned to take it off before we sat down for dinner, even if I'd be putting it back on in a few hours.

My Thanksgiving dinner was great! I made “the works” and it was bangin! It wasn’t long before my kids became sleepy, and I was a little tired myself. My husband and I picked up our children and ascended the stairs to put them to bed. We finally had time to ourselves! We shut off the lights in our kids' bedroom, retreated to our sanctuary, and closed the door.

Man! I forgot my Jewel in the living room!

Want us to write a story based on your testimony?  E-mail your testimony to customersfirst@mycrowningjewel.com

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You're Invited! - Online Night Jewel Tying Party!

UPDATE: Here is a clip from the Night Jewel Tutorial: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/27377738/highlight/308088


SAVE THE DATE: Night Jewel Tying Party, Thursday, November 29th, 8:00PM - An ONLINE event! 

LOCATION: Online! - Click on the following link: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/my-crowning-jewel

For those of you who have your Night Jewel, we'll show you all the ways you can tie it before bed, and for when you need to run out and still want to look glamorous!

Even if you don't have yours yet, feel free to join us!

I so look forward to meeting you!

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Free Domestic Shipping! (November 23rd - January 5, 2013)

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, we want to take the time to express our gratitude to you for all your support.  From Friday, November 23, 2012, to Saturday, January 5, 2013, we are offering free shipping on all domestic (US) orders!

Wishing you and yours a marvelous holiday season! :)

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Nina Simone, My Night Jewel Inspiration

Last night I had to run out and really didn't have time for hair, AND it was snowing. But then I thought about this picture of Nina Simone and tried to re-create the style with my Metallic Night Jewel. Thank you for the inspiration Nina! :)

How do you wear your Night Jewel?


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Our Most Precious Jewel - The Body: Food and Exercise

I believe in doing things in moderation because it appears that too much of anything can be bad for you…except for maybe too much discipline? LOL! But when it comes to exercise and me lately, "Discipline" is nowhere to be found! 

There was a time when I went to the gym five days a week.  I have surely fallen off.  After spending nine months working out on the elliptical machine I became bored and just quit altogether.  I’ve been trying to find my way back to the gym to no avail.  In lieu of the gym I have tried everything; belly dancing, yoga, and lifting weights. Now I just need to find my rhythm and incorporate all of it into my regimen.  I know it’s important that I get back on track. I need this vessel to be in shape so it can carry me wherever my soul leads me. 

Now as for my diet, I haven’t eaten beef or pork since I was an adolescent but in April I decided I had had enough of chicken and turkey so I stopped eating that too.  I do eat fish from time to time so some may label me a pescetarian, but thanks to some awesome food blogs I have found my joy in mostly veggies and beans. 

Here are some recipes I have tried that have totally rocked my herbivorous world! LOL!  Let me know it you try any of them! 

Roasted Sesame Green Beans 

Red Roasted Carrots

Baked Zucchini Fries 

Vegetarian Black Bean Chili – Made this without the fake meat crumbles and omitted the vegetable bouillon cube as well. It was great!

This website is just spectacular! - Foodgawker

Do you know of any great recipes, or great ways to stay fit and motivated? If so, please share them with us!

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Some Things Are Meant To Be

The other day my cousin sent me this picture. That's me on the right placing a hat on my younger cousin's head.  I sure look like I was 

on a mission! LOL!  I have no idea what the "conversation" was that day, or why I felt the need to arrange the hat on her head.


Here I am almost 30 years later arranging a Jewel on one of our models. LOL! Some things never change! :)

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About Batiks...

We have two Jewels made from Batik fabrics, the Rose Royce Jewel, and the Batik Libra.  I was not familiar with these beautiful fabrics until our Chief Designer, Luisa W. Chapman, brought them to my attention; I am so happy that we were able to make Jewels from these fabric creations! 

According to The Batik Guild in the United Kingdom, "Batik is both an art and a craft, which is becoming more popular and well known in the West as a wonderfully creative medium. The art of decorating cloth in this way, using wax and dye, has been practised for centuries. In Java, Indonesia, batik is part of an ancient tradition, and some of the finest batik cloth in the world is still made there. The word batik originates from the Javanese tikand means to dot.

To make a batik, selected areas of the cloth are blocked out by brushing or drawing hot wax over them, and the cloth is then dyed. The parts covered in wax resist the dye and remain the original colour. This process of waxing and dyeing can be repeated to create more elaborate and colourful designs. After the final dyeing the wax is removed and the cloth is ready for wearing or showing."

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A "Supernatural" Time!

We had the wonderful opportunity to sponsor Curl Prep's "Supernatural" event!  There were vendors present, a lot of fabulous women, and entertainment!  We also got a chance to display our Jewels, and meet Kim Coles.  Such a great event, attended by so many beautiful people!


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The Audacity of “Dope” - The Story of My Crowning Jewel’s “Night Jewels”

I love myself a lot. Not in a conceited sort of way, but in a way that we all should love and appreciate ourselves. Because when it comes to our expectations of how we should be loved and treated, we set the standard. 


I’m also an eighties baby. And while clearly there are a few definitions for the word “dope”, to many like me it’s an adjective to describe something or someone as being "fly", "hot", beautiful, pretty, gorgeous, or just all around fabulous! 


All my life I have been surrounded by some off the “flyest” women of all time; the women in my family; the women of my alma mater - Spelman College; my friends; and the countless others I have met and continue to meet.  It always amazes me to see how much we juggle; how we still manage to smile and laugh heartily even when our world appears to be falling apart; and how we even manage to get stuff done all while being a mother, sister, daughter, lover, doctor, lawyer, friend, caretaker, teacher, entrepreneur, and future president. Women are amazing!


If you entertain horoscopes at all you know that in addition to a desire for justice and balance, Libras have a strong appreciation for beautiful things.  Well, I’m a Libra.  So you can imagine how unsettling it can be when you believe in presenting yourself in a way that honors who you are and how you feel about yourself, only to have to shut it all down when you plop an “anti-dope” bonnet on your head to protect your hair at night.  – That seemed a bit dramatic, didn’t it? LOL! But let me continue…


There have been many articles and blog posts that have covered how ugly scarves and hair bonnets can be detrimental to women’s relationships, and how they are definitely not for public viewing; but I haven’t seen any articles that state quite frankly that as a woman “I am just too fly for the bonnets and scarves we settle for these days. Even if I’m spending the evening alone, I need to look good for myself. And still not sacrifice my “do” of course!


The idea for my start-up, My Crowning Jewel came about because to protect my hair from breakage, and maintain hairstyles that sometimes take hours to do, I have to wrap my hair at night.   When I was conducting market research to determine what key problems our Night Jewel design should address, we found that most people were upset because their scarves and bonnets did not stay on while they were asleep.  The fact that most bonnets and scarves were unbecoming was secondary but still important; while a significant percentage had just given up, willingly settling for the anti-dope, anti-sexy nighttime head wrap disasters.  Well, I refuse to settle! Yes, I have the audacity to think that we can do better.  We can still look and feel beautiful in our nighttime head wraps.


Very soon you will have options for head wraps that stay on and are also attractive.  I’ve been wearing one of our Metallic Night Jewels for some time now.  I wear it because it stays on so my hair styles last longer; but it is also attractive allowing me to still reign in my “queendom”, never having to feel as if I’ve relinquished my throne!  If you believe like I do that as fabulous as we are, we should never feel less beautiful because of what we use to wrap our hair at night, you should sign up on our website to be informed about our soon to be announced launch, and enter our “Sleeping Beauty Sweepstakes” for a chance to win one of our fabulous Basic Black Jewels. You can enter here: www.mycrowningjewel.com  - Once you sign up please share our site with all your “dope” friends!  :)

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