Reclaiming our Queendom...

We started My Crowning Jewel because we were tired of the unattractive and ineffective options we had for wrapping our hair at night.  We felt we deserved options that actually stay on while we sleep and allow us to maintain our style and our beauty! - So we created Jewels! 

We soon realized many women feel the same way we do! - Whether we wrap our head to protect our hair from breakage, to adorn our crowns following hair loss, or just to mask a bad hair day, we still can look fabulous!

The My Crowning Jewel Woman

The My Crowning Jewel woman is confident and intelligent. She stands for excellence in everything she does.  She knows who she is, knows what she wants, and knows how to get it. Her style is distinct. Her purpose is defined. When she steps in the room, she is noticed because My Crowning Jewel women "show up." Whether in action or asleep, the My Crowning Jewel woman never relinquishes her crown, so she wears a Jewel!