1. Why should I buy a Jewel?
For $20 you can have a great evening at the movies, and for $50 a wonderful time at a concert. So much fun but it's temporary! For $150 you can purchase a great pair of high heel shoes. So cool but walk in them too long and it’s painful!
With each Jewel purchase you can:
  • Maintain your hairstyle
  • Cover hair loss
  • Protect your hair/head from the sun
  • Protect your hair from breakage
  • Keep your bad hair day a secret
  • Make a statement
  • Look fabulous
  • Feel confident, beautiful, and regal!

You deserve it! Queens, your crown awaits you...

2. Do your Jewels fit all head sizes?
In most cases, yes. Check the product descriptions for exact dimensions.

3. What makes your Night Jewels unique?
For women who wrap their hair at night, you no longer have to settle for hideous head wraps and bonnets that don't even stay on; or be embarrassed to be seen in your head wrap. Our Night Jewels stay on while you sleep, and they keep you and your hairstyle looking beautiful!

4. Where are your Jewels manufactured?
Our Jewels are manufactured in the USA. This allows us better control over our quality standards and this decision is in line with our determination to contribute to our national economy.

5. What is the best way to care for my Jewel?
Please refer to the care instructions on the reverse side of the Jewel care label.

6. Where else can I buy a Jewel?
At present you can only purchase a Jewel on our website.  Keep in touch via Facebook and Twitter to stay informed about any events where we may participate as a vendor.

7. How can I create a customer account?

Customer accounts are created at checkout immediately after you've placed your order. You will be prompted to create a password and your shipping address will be saved.  

Your payment/credit card information will not be saved.

8. What is your policy on returns/exchanges?
Below are our general guidelines, please reference our Returns/Exchanges page for more information.
Items that do not meet these criteria are non-returnable:
  • All returned items must be unworn, unwashed, unused, and  unspoiled.
  • Returns must be in their original condition, and have all tags and packaging attached. 
  • Returns are accepted within 14 days of merchandise receipt (USA only). Sorry we cannot accept international returns due to import/export shipping constraints.
  • All returns must include a Return Authorization Number, please click here to request one by e-mail: Customer Returns Email