Midnight Libra

Update: Our manufacturer just let us know that there is a delay so we now expect these Jewels to be in stock by the end of June.

*Due to popular demand, for our next production run we will only be manufacturing Silk Midnight Libras. Please sign up here to be informed when they are back in stock. 

We created these Midnight Libras for the queens who want a basic black nighttime head wrap. 

If you are tired of waking up with your head wrap on your pillow, then this Jewel is for you! 

  • Stays on while you sleep.
  • Protects hair from breakage.
  • Protects natural hairstyles.
  • Silk or Satin - * The Silk Midnight Libra currently has a two-week backorder.
  • Adjustable - Let the crown out to make room, tuck the crown in the sashes for a tighter fit!  
  • Elegant 
  • Comfortable
Limited quantities available. - We expect a royal changing of The Jewels.   

See this Jewel in action! 

(Satin Jewel Pictured Below)

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