Metallic Libra


Our team refers to these as the "Hot Mama" Jewels because they are sleek, versatile, and sexy! In the Metallic Libra you will be both a dazzling Sleeping Beauty and a glamorous woman about town. Have errands to run? Just tuck in the crown and you're on your way! 

* We do no recommend this Jewel for women who sleep with wet, product-soaked hair. This Jewel is best for protecting your hairstyle while you sleep and when you need to run out!

  • Stays on while you sleep.
  • Comfortable.
  • Protects hair from breakage. 
  • Adjustable - Let the crown out to make room, tuck the crown in the sashes for a tighter fit!
  • Protects natural hairstyles.

See this Jewel in action! 

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